Supercuts For Your Head

Considering how many people emailed me the Lost “What?” video last week, I think it’s fair to say that it’s going to be the next President of the United States. But before you cast your vote for it at the ballot box (which is totally possible to do), did you know there are lots of other videos like it, in which a key word or facet of the movie is selected out and cut together into a montage? True. Internet pioneer (think Oregon Trail but if it was a blog) Waxy has compiled a great list of them (and there are even more on BuzzFeed). He is calling them “supercuts,” at least until he gets a cease and desist letter from the place where you get your hair cut (note to self: add “That’s Your Haircut” category to this website.)

After the jump, a few of my favorites.

Shia LeBoeuf in The Transformers

David Caruso in CSI: Miami

Newport Harbor (which I’m pretty sure was a documentary about brain damage that never found a distributor? If you have any idea what Newport Harbor is, please contact me at [email protected])