SPOILER ALERT: Lost has gotten good again this season. Season 3 was a summer bummer, but we’re back on track with the exciting mysteries and stuff. Who is that thing? Why is that guy? What’s in the hatch? True, they’re still opening up way more threads than I have confidence they can close, but most of the new mysteries are good (time travel, Oceanic 6, Caleb Nichol, Sayid), and my guess is that the lesser mysteries (Michael, the captain, Miles) will probably just fall into a Punji stake pit in the season 5 premiere and wrap up those ends in the first ten minutes.

This week, EW spent a few days on the Lost set in Hawaii, and provides some clues to what we can expect when the show returns on April 24th.

I took the liberty of [redacting] anything that might ruin the enjoyment of the new episodes.

And what they’ll be doing is kicking things off with a meaty sweep of story. In addition to being a [redacted] adventure for globe-trotting [redacted], in which his war with [redacted] over control of the [redacted] will intensify, episode 9 revisits a long-simmering subplot: Sayid’s romance with [redacted].

”The Shape of Things to Come” will be followed by a [redacted] installment for Jack. ”We’re starting to close the loop on the end of last season,” says Fox. ”Jack [redacted] is a man [redacted], but the Jack [redacted] is [redacted]. You’re going to understand how he [redacted].” The last three episodes include only one flashback, which the producers say will be a mythically significant [redacted] for…someone. The rumor: [redacted]…The May 22 finale will complicate the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle by featuring [redacted] and elaborate on Jack’s [redacted] ambition to [redacted]. ”This year’s finale will sum up exactly how difficult it may be to accomplish that,” says Lindelof, who adds this cryptic response to speculation that [redacted] will vanish once [redacted] meets [redacted]: ”There could easily be a time when the word [redacted] becomes irrelevant.”