Michael Chabon’s Script For Spider-Man 2: Seriously

Back in 2003, after the success of the first Spider-Man movie, fanboys and non-nerds alike were thrilled by the news that the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon, would be penning the sequel. But by the time the movie actually came out, he’d been reduced to a story credit, and gone were the classic Chabon trickstery word play and explicit homoerotic undertones.


McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, to promote Chabon’s new book Maps and Legends, has just put the script up on its homepage for a limited time only. Now you, too, can feel like you’re flying through the air on filaments of semen words. Download a PDF of the full script here. It’s like reading Pulitzer Prize winning fan fiction.