Verne Troyer Plays The World’s Smallest Violin

Heath Ledger’s tragic death earlier this year came as a terrible surprise. He was a very talented actor and will be greatly missed. But in the past few months, amidst the outpourings of support for his family, and the shared memories of fellow actors who worked with him and loved him, one voice has been painfully silent. I’m talking, of course, about Verne Troyer. As touching as it is to see Michelle Williams standing with baby Matilda in her arms, bravely confronting the daunting task of single parenthood, you couldn’t help but wonder “Where is Mini-Me when we need him?”

I’m not sure how they finally got him to break his silence, but the folks over at MTV managed to put this towering giant of Heath Ledger knowledge on the record as saying he’s sad that he died.

It’s important to note that Verne Troyer is as entitled to his memories of Heath as anyone else, and I’m in no position to question the depth or sincerity with which he suffered a loss by Ledger’s death. But at this point, the only people left to go public with their feelings on the situation are Sinbad, the screenwriter for Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Didn’t Do Anything, and…nope, that’s it.