What CAN’T Chris Hansen Catch?

Chris Hansen is an army of one when it comes to predatorial behavior. Don’t try to take advantage of someone else’s weakness, or Chris Hansen will take advantage of your weakness, which is GOING TO JAIL. He’s following up the smash hit Catch a Predator with Tricks of the Trade, reports the New York Times. This is great news for everyone who loves to watch people get TRAP’D on television, but who maybe didn’t feel so great about the genuine aura of mental illness and life destroying, uncontrollable urges that gave Predator that sickly glow. Personally, I’m just hoping Hansen’s new show will still have cops in gilly suits jumping out of the bushes for no apparent reason. So smart. Stay classy, MSNBC.

I wanted to do a Top 10 list of great Predator moments, but it’s pretty hard to find clips on-line, which, by the way, I don’t know how you expect to ruin these men’s lives in perpetuity if you don’t forgo International Copyright Law and get those clips up on YouTube. Here is what I could find:

This clip doesn’t have quite the same “WOW” factor as the episode in which the trapped predator drinks some strawberry margaritas, or the one in which Chris Hansen gives the naked predator a towel to cover himself with and then tells him that he can keep the towel (ZING!), but I do appreciate that Hansen and the rest of his crew were able to build a time machine and shoot the episode in 1981.

I thought this was going to be the scene where a cop tackles a predator in the driveway wearing a gilly suit (which is a boss scene) but actually it turns out that it’s a scene from Alien Vs. Predator, but it’s still pretty good.

The beeper king.

30 Rock returns to NBC this Thursday.