Did You Watch Last Night’s The Spencer Pratt Show?

We’re all smart here, right? Smart enough? So can we cut the shit with The Hills already? It was cool last season for smart-ish people (and myself) to come up with elaborate college reasons for why it was OK to watch the show, involving universal signifiers and Baudrillard’s “spectacle,” but at this point can we all admit that it’s basically nice looking bullshit and that it just turned out that we love soap operas and were embarrassed to discover that fact?

Now that that’s out of the way, we have another issue to address, which is how The Hills is treading water and who gives an F about L.C.? Hate him, or hate him, this is the Spencer Pratt show (not even the Spencer and Heidi show, now that Heidi has gone all plastic face on us.)

And that’s OK, guys. Spence (I call him Spence because I have low self-esteem) is extremely entertaining. Yeah, he’s horrible, but if we’re in the business of exploiting clowns for entertainment, at least he does something in front of the camera. I’m pretty sure a half hour of holding a latte while trying to find your phone in your purse is not actually entertaining (anymore, season 2 of L.A. Latte Purse was phenomenal.)