DeFriendster Iron Man And Win A Chance To Not Have Anything To Do With Robert Downey Jr.

I’ve got some exciting news guys. I just got an email about a very important contest: “Befriend Iron Man on MySpace and Enter to Win a chance to attend the Premiere and Meet Robert Downey Jr.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HOW COOL IS THAT?

Whoops, I just remembered…I’m pretty sure the administrators of the Internet deleted my MySpace account two years ago when everyone stopped using it. I’ll have to sign up for a new one. But, I can’t wait to meet Robert Downey Jr. OMG I just remembered how there is that part in the Iron Man trailer where he totally talks about MySpace, that is so hilarious how he says that and now they are ON MySpace. You know what, never mind you guys, I’m going to win this, so don’t bother befriending Iron Man on MySpace at all.

Iron Man looks great though. Check him out: