SBTRKT – “Roulette” & “No Less”

Last week SBTRKT dropped the new song “FLAREtWO” indicating that a new project might be on the horizon. Considering he dropped two more tracks over the weekend, that seems like a fairly strong assumption at this point. Or maybe he was so inspired by Kendrick Lamar that he opted to share new music. In any case, “Roulette” and “No Less” hit SoundCloud last night and they couldn’t be more different. “No Less” simmers and soars, slowly building a huge framework from tiny chatters and chirps that never quite reach high-intensity. Conversely, “Roulette” is intense from the start; it’s a clipped and chipped mish-mash of crisp clicks and squeaky, screwed samples buoyed by an underlying sense of funk. Listen to both new tracks below.