Prinzhorn Dance School – “Reign”

Prinzhorn Dance School have released the first single for their third album Home Economics. “Reign” is a spare, blank-faced track that lingers on the verge of kicking itself into a higher gear but never does. The terse UK post-punk duo Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn discuss anger and hunger with a clinical removal, chanting the lyrics in perfect time and as bits of dialogue tossed casually back and forth. As with any song that exercises this much restraint, the real action is in the negative space, an expanse that’s finally filled with a conversational, gloomy guitar figure as the song winds down. Listen below.

Here’s the full Home Economics tracklist:
01 “Reign”
02 “Battlefield”
03 “Clean”
04 “Haggle”
05 “Education”
06 “Let Me Go”

Home Economics is out 6/9 via DFA Records. Pre-order it here.