Watch Jessie Ware’s Infinitely Poised Tiny Desk Concert

English crooner Jessie Ware has one of those majestic voices that only comes around once in a blue moon. It’s a gorgeous, brocade alto that sounds just as majestic whether she’s backed by a full band or a solitary guitar. Tough Love was an Album of the Week last year, and one of the all-around best records of 2014. Now it’s a few months later, but she’s on tour and stopped by NPR for one of their signature Tiny Desk concerts. Ware’s opening act for her current tour, Jesse Boykins III, spontaneously offered to join her on harmony, and the resulting session was a rare, emotionally-charged three song set that revealed both Ware’s poise and her darkly funny demeanor. Before performing what might be her best-known song “Wildest Moments” she wryly mentioned that it’s always the “warm-down song” for spin classes. She also sang “Say You Love Me” and “Champagne Kisses.” Watch the whole set below.