Potential Radiohead Vs. Obama Showdown Tonight

Barack might have some competition for eyeballs this evening. Facts: The DNC caps off tonight at Mile High with Obama’s speech commemorating his nomination as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. More facts: Earlier today a post went up to Dead Air Space suggesting you download flip4mac or VLC because they “might come in handy.”

Now BoingBoing’s saying they have it on pretty good authority that there will be a webcast of Radiohead’s show in Santa Barbara tonight, which happens to be the last of their North American tour (thanks for the tip, Jen). We’ll keep you posted, but you might wanna download/set those DVRs nowish. (Also speaking of Dead Air Space, on June 22 Colin loved up Gabe and Max Silvestri’s Internet Thing. This, the No Age tee … Colin I’m pretty sure we should be best friends.)

UPDATE: The webcast has been confirmed. Details shortly.