Lewis Gives His First Interview, Hints At New Music

After esteemed reissues hub Light In The Attic released the mysterious 1983 album L’Amour last year, Lewis became something of a recurring figure throughout the year. The unlikely, angelic con-artist stockbroker — who was perhaps named Randall Wulff and perhaps fled to Canada — seemed more intriguing than any current day musician.

Eventually, Lewis was found, and not one but two more albums have surfaced. So, it’s not surprising that Lewis eventually decided to give his first-ever interview.

Maxim got the enigmatic crooner to sit down for the semblance of an interview — just a few quotes are included really — and he discusses his stockbroker past, the origin of the pseudonym Lewis, and he hints that he might be releasing new music in a couple months. If you’re unfamiliar with his tale, read the comprehensive profile here. Otherwise, be on the lookout for even more new music.

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