Fine Print – “Tell Me” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jazzy UK throwback duo Fine Print debuted the smoldering “Can’t Lie” a few weeks ago, and today we’re sharing another track off their forthcoming self-titled EP. Where “Can’t Lie” flirted through a funky bassline, “Tell Me” uses bass in the sparest way — a deep, dark rumble that hints at pain. Mostly, this song works around a single mournful piano line, twisting it into heartbreaking territory in the same spare power that made Tobias Jesso Jr.’s debut so gut-wrenching. “Tell Me” is a skeleton of desire, a thirst for detail about someone who no longer wants to share any of the mundane routines of their existence with you, at all. Fine Print’s entire debut EP is produced by Dan Carey, who often works with groups that use layered, lush sounds like Tame Impala and Hot Chip. The way the song fades in and out, like a ripple in water, points toward his expansive, fluid style. When you’re in a place as lonely as the song describes, listening to music like this is almost impossible, but it’s also unavoidable. When it comes to wallowing, Fine Print’s latest is a beautiful way to go. Listen.

The Fine Print EP is out 8/28 via B3SCI. Pre-order it on vinyl or digitally.