Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

ICYM all the fire emoji year-end content we published this week: James ranked the biggest (non-Azealia) beefs, Tom chose the best music videos, Ryan found the weirdest music festivals, Gabriela highlighted this year’s drug songs, Stephen reviewed the country music landscape, Chris ranked the hottest pop songs, Michael went long on the streaming service wars, and I made a “Hotline Bling” supercut. But somehow our most popular story was about the arrest of a pharmaceutical executive. You had great comments about everything. Spoilers ahead.


#10  finnegans wake | Dec 11th Score:33

Bananas are my drug.

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Doris Montgomery | Dec 17th Score:35

wait. posting just for the +1’s makes me no better than the Shkreli’s and Swift’s of the world. It used to be about the ART. I’ve become a soulless drone.

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#7  meat | Dec 17th Score:36

i hope his prison “friends” wear protection. i’ve heard treatment is expensive.

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#6  Scott Lapatine | Dec 11th Score:39

Honorable mention:

I guess they ran out of themes for this series?

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#5  inthedeadofknight | Dec 17th Score:39

Don’t make attempts at semi-funny comments about the picture guys. Don’t say something like “Haha the prototypical “look at me I’m holding a guitar; I’m a musician” picture. Perfect choice.” because they’re waiting for it, and they’ll immediately change the picture, leaving you to bask alone in your foolishness.

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Doris Montgomery | Dec 17th Score:40


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Doris Montgomery | Dec 17th Score:44

I don’t know law but can the government somehow get that Wu Tang album back?

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#2  blochead | Dec 17th Score:47

It’s a Xmas miracle

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Doris Montgomery | Dec 17th Score:75

I’ll bail him out but he is gonna owe me one.

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Damian Joseph | Dec 11th Score:-8

First Pitchfork, now Stereogum. Why do the the things I love turn to shit?

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#4  blochead | Dec 12th Score:-9

My only hope is this incredible event doesn’t inspire Julian to make more unlistenable music

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#3  drummer729 | Dec 16th Score:-10

He says its a problem he has. As in he shoots when he gets scared of people walking around him? Poor word choice. Sounds like he’s confessing to something

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Tim Curtin | Dec 17th Score:-12

garbage, all of it

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Nathan J Beer | Dec 15th Score:-13

who. the fuck. cares.

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  dansolo | Dec 15th Score:32

Joanna Newsom vs. bananas (ofc)

Ed Droste vs. the #squad

The Stereogum comments section vs CRJ & The Stereogum Staff & Cody Morris

Chvrches vs. misogyny

Josh Tillman vs. me

Doris vs. bedtime

Blochead’s love of Deafheaven vs. Blochead’s love of SOPHIE

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