Farm Aid Takes In $1.3 Million For Katrina Victims

Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and Wilco were among those who performed in Farm Aid’s 20th Annual benefit concert in Chicago. This year, the proceeds are being aimed at the more rural victims of hurricane Katrina. The $1.3 million is what the concert grossed, but a large portion of that will go to relief efforts.

The goals of Farm Aid are broader than just cutting checks to needy farmers, said Brian Snyder, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

?Farmers want organizations like Farm Aid to organize across the country and create an equitable food system,? he said, adding that small-scale farmers aimed to be vocal as the 2007 U.S. Farm Bill covering federal agricultural subsidies is written.

The Chicago-based American Institute of Philanthropy has graded Farm Aid an A-minus is terms of financial efficiency, ranking it ahead of charities including the American Heart Association and Amnesty International.

MSNBC reports.