Krrum – “Evil Twin” (Stereogum Premiere)

The title track from Krrum’s Evil Twin EP exists in a brightly colored world of its own, but the 20-year-old Brit doesn’t let his listeners know that right away. The song, which follows last fall’s excellent “Morphine,” begins with cartoonish horns that run scattershot over a tight rhythmic pattern. It’s kind of like an audible accompaniment to the image of an elephant trying to play hopscotch. But as soon as the beat drops and Krrum reveals the loop that will prevail throughout the rest of the song, you find yourself wishing you actually knew how to dance to the absurdly catchy beat. Atop all this charming chaos, Krumm’s vocals are confident and smooth, with an attitude that molds the song’s unique disposition. Meshing together a sound that’s somehow quirky and soulful at the same time, Krrum’s sound is something like a more accessible version of SOPHIE: You can appreciate the off-kilter artistry, but you probably won’t get passive-aggressive side glances from strangers if you put it on at a party. Listen below.

The Evil Twin EP is out this March via 37 Adventures.

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