Watch Janelle Monáe Star In Pepsi’s Super Bowl Commercial

Janelle Monáe has always had a retro feel with her classic black-and-white aesthetic and old-school R&B sensibilities. Monáe has also worked with Pepsi before as part of their Real Big Summer campaign a couple years ago, surprising a Brooklyn street band as they played “Dance Apocalyptic.” So she is the perfect fit to “dance through the decades” in Pepsi’s Super Bowl 50 ad. Monáe hits the twist, the mash potato, some light vogueing, and then slides into the present day over an electro beat before, of course, swigging a Pepsi. It’s hard to put a personal stamp on a commercial, but her ba-ba-ba-ba-ba…ba-ba-ba-ba-ba is pretty cool as far as jingle renditions go. Check it out below.