Soft Fangs – “The Light” (Stereogum Premiere)

Soft Fangs’ John Lutkevich wrote one of my favorite songs of 2014, which I realized after listening to his self-titled EP for a week on loop while writing a Band To Watch profile on him. “Dead Friends” is a brittle, skeletal rumination on the way people pass in and out of our lives. It reminds me of friends I’ve long since lost touch with, old roommates, and the apartments I used to live in. It’s a little sad, a little nostalgic. Soft Fangs’ full-length, The Light, is due out next month, and we’ve already heard a few of its singles including “The Air,” “Birthday,” and “The Wilderness.” Out of all of them, the album’s title track might remind me of “Dead Friends” the most, not necessarily in its lyrical content, but in its thin, delicately rendered structure. Listen below.

The Light is out 3/18 on Exploding in Sound/Disposable America.

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