Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

There was a lot to discuss this week what with Kanye and Grammys and “Spoons” and Vinyl. Scroll down and see who had good and bad things to say about these topics. And enjoy reading those things because next week we’re talking about I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.



Amir | Feb 12th Score:50

Imagine everyone’s surprise when it finally hits itunes and it’s actually Radiohead’s new album

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#9  dn | Feb 16th Score:50

This is completely legit behaviour from Tyga. If you listen to all of McCartney’s combined output- Beatles/Wings/Solo and side-projects- he has never even once shouted Tyga out or acknowledged his intensely obvious influence on his work. It started getting pretty awkward around Revolver, but at least during the Beatles era you could argue that he didn’t have fully creative control and lyrics such as ‘word up to Tyga for teaching me all this game’ might not have fit in with Lennon’s vision for what the band was about, but not to remedy this in his later output just seems oddly ungracious and even somewhat passive-aggressive. Tyga has been notably classy in his dealing with all of this, stating repeatedly that he’s just glad to see so many of his ideas being used effectively, even if McCartney refuses to acknowledge it. This was obviously one step too far though. I doubt I’m alone in taking some satisfaction in seeing him finally settle this score.

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#7  plastic pants | Feb 14th Score:51

No, because he wants me to.

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#5  homesickalien | Feb 13th Score:57

I feel like when this thing actually drops, I’ll be listening to it on my headphones, and then and then all of a sudden, someone will come into my room and rip them off my head and proclaim, wait, just one more thing we need to fix…

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#4  inthedeadofknight | Feb 15th Score:60

Pretty sure it’s just that this Macklemore song is so bad that it’s fucking up the internet.

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#3  California | Feb 14th Score:61

This is the SimCity 5 of albums.

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#2  scruffy | Feb 16th Score:70

I miss the “available to buy” Kanye.

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#1  meat | Feb 15th Score:77

Doris Montgomery

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#5  drummer729 | Feb 17th Score:-29

Bernie Sanders=What happens you every kid gets a trophy. Everyone wins but the trophies are meaningless. That being said “Blockbuster, Part 1″ absolutely slays live.

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#4  son_of_cheap_suit | Feb 15th Score:-31

Kanye is going to go off when “All Day” loses to “Alright”. And it’s a rare case when he’ll be correct.

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Kevin MacLean | Feb 17th Score:-33

Pretty tone deaf by Killer Mic here. This is like if you’re white and your black friend calls another black guy “ni**er”, that doesn’t mean you can go around telling people that guy is a “ni**er”.

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Motas Kah | Feb 15th Score:-42

wait. You thought Yeezus was good?

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#1  lil wotie | Feb 17th Score:-48

yall r just hammering us with these anniversary posts. this is the first one ive felt is not that important. knife is tyte, but only known by hipsters of the hipster takeover era.

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Curtis Knapp | Feb 15th Score:6

Thank the gods you had Richard write on this thing! I myself, was very quiet but at most anyones gig in the 70s. From Television to Suicide. Not many remember me but they do my photographs… anyhow, I am so so tired of seeing and hearing film and articles from people who where never there or whom came in every 6 months to say later, they where there. Forget the business people (they where good and helped many friends and screwed them also), with out the artists and musicians there would be no film or articles. And I am sick of seeing the same 4 or 5 bands only being fetured in this stuff. There where MANY other good bands. So in seeing Richard saying there is not much MUSIC in this is very odd but typical of Hollywood. Ahhh, someday some movie maker will do a film on all those times. I keep hoping?!* But I have no interest in seeing this for exactly the reasons Richard Hell is mentioning in his writting here. Thanks Richard, Curtis Knapp

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