Kinski – “Hiding Drugs In The Temple (Part 2)”

The marketplace asked, and Kinski answered. “What would Sonic Youth sound like if they were more like Yes?” “Like this!” said Kinski. They’ve been around for years, and this album, Alpine Static, is months old. It’s still great. This snippet from Johnny Loftus’ review is pretty funny, but also kind of true.

[T]he consistent pace of “Hiding Drugs in the Temple, Pt. 2″ suits the Seattle quartet as well as their documented spaced-out side. In fact, “Hiding Drugs” effectively does both. It rocks out with its Spock out, crafting otherworldly guitar tones to go with its frenetic, big rock snare drum.

Heh… Spock out. Gets me every time. Who saw them at CMJ?

Kinski – “Hiding Drugs In The Temple (Part 2)” (MP3)


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