Stream Littler Of Wandering

Philadelphia’s Littler has been dropping tracks from their debut album, Of Wandering, since September: We’ve heard “Somewhere Else,” “Not My Market,” “Slippery,” “Of Wandering,” Phantom Limb,” and “Tectonics.” That’s six whole songs off an 11 track album, so if you’ve heard a few of them, you have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into! And if you haven’t, what you’re getting into is one of the best and unreservedly enjoyable records of the young year so far. But all those early singles have left me at a bit of a loss for words as to actually describe the album, so it’s probably best for you to just dive in and trust me that you’ll probably really like it. Do so below! Thank me later.

Of Wandering is out 3/25 via Birdtapes.

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