Rome Fortune – “Something New”

Emerald-bearded ATLien Rome Fortune dropped his solid debut Jerome Raheem Fortune just a couple months ago. It’s a revelatory look at the life of an indie spitter trying to raise his stock. The album varied sonically because Fortune has the clout to tap some of Atlanta’s best and brightest up-and-comers for beats to croon, sing-song rap, and simply spit to. To celebrate (and shamelessly plug) his tour surrounding the album, he’s literally dropped “Something New.” The new loosie features Fortune in Auto-Tune croon mode, listing off the number of ways he can satisfy a woman’s needs better than her current man and warns that he’ll be moving on soon. It’s a quick two minutes of trying to indulge in a moment without letting thoughts of the future ruin it. Yoshinobu’s beat is the perfect mix of R&B-tinged trap, and Fortune playfully winds his vocals around it. Check it out.

Jerome Raheem Fortune is out now on Fool’s Gold. Purchase tickets for the tour here.

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