Katy B x MssingNo x Geeneus – “Water Rising”

Honey, the new album from the UK club queen Katy B, functions as a sort of love letter to UK club culture. On every track, she works with different producers (and sometimes singers or rappers) who have, in one way or another, made their impact on dance music over the years. We’ve already heard “Calm Down,” with Four Tet and Floating Points, “Honey,” with Kaytranada, “Who Am I,” with Craig David and Major Lazer, and “I Wanna Be,” with Chris Lorenzo. The latest track she’s shared is “Water Rising,” a sleek and glimmery pop song. It’s got production from MssingNo, the Tri Angle Records space cadet, and Geeneus, the pirate-radio pioneer. Check it out below, via i-D.

Honey is out 4/29 on Rinse/Virgin EMI.