inc. no world – “The Wheel”

inc. no world – “The Wheel”

LA brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged began as Teen Inc. a few years ago, dropped the Teen and upper casing to become inc., and have now added the title of their excellent album no world to become inc. no world. Despite their ever-switching moniker, their silky smooth, finely reduced R&B has been consistently stirring since their debut single.

Their latest one-off, “The Wheel,” leans into psychedelia as warped, repetitive guitar chords infuse with their minimal soul. The guitar opens the track with whispered poetry phrases floating above. From the there it glides into a velvety trip with syncopated drums and Andrew’s oh so serene hook “So I lay my body on the wheel, spin it around.” The song was written in Hawaii, and it seems some of the breezy, tropical vibes made their way into the soundscape. You get the sense it’s just two brothers enjoying each other while jamming out, adding a level of intimacy that pulls you in closer. Listen.

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