Kvelertak – “Nattesferd”

I’ve gone on at length about my affection for Kvelertak’s forthcoming third LP, Nattesferd, from which we’ve already heard two singles: the so-so “1985” and the quite-good “Berserkr.” Today, the band officially releases the first example of the LP’s legit A+ material: Nattesferd’s title track. “Nattesferd” (the song) is a perfect encapsulation of all Kvelertak’s riotous, genre-agnostic, ridiculously catchy strengths, bolstered with some unexpected new sounds (such as the clean vocals on the chorus, which come out of nowhere and lift the track to unexpected heights). I love it, and I think you should listen, because I think you’ll love it too. Check it out and lemme know what you think.

Nattesferd is out 5/13 via Roadrunner Records.

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