Jackal Onasis – “The New Ron” (Stereogum Premiere)

Before getting into Jackal Onasis’ music a bit of a roll call is in order. The trio formed not too long ago, and “The New Ron” is their first single, but each member has plenty of experience. Guitarist/vocalist Alex Molini (ex-Dirty Dishes, Stove, and Big Putts), drummer/vocalist Jordyn Blakely (Stove, ex-Butter The Children, ex-Night Manager) and bassist Ghoul Man (Sickhead) combine for a versatile arsenal of aesthetics and sensibilities.

On “The New Ron,” Blakely’s rolling, quick-hitting drum pattern punctuates Colli’s shoegazing, wandering bass and Molini’s wailing, alternating guitar patterns. The song is an unrelenting two minutes, but there is so much musicality and evolving rhythms that it never quite settles into one aesthetic, keeping the ear engaged. Blakely’s hypnotic monotone wafts slightly above the fray until it’s enveloped by an all-out jam session at the end with Molini’s guitar sounding like sirens whizzing through the streets. They may be new as a trio, but the confidence their collective experience affords them really comes through. Check it out.

Here’s a photo of the trio:

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