PLGRMS – “Fools And Their Gold” (Stereogum Premiere)

PLGRMS is the Sydney-based duo of singer-songwriter Jacob Pearson and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jonathan Bowden. They make an infectious brand of indie pop that belies its deft musicality and control of energy. “Fools And Their Gold” is the followup to their stirring debut single “Pieces,” and it hints at a versatility that would be exciting to witness throughout a full body of work.

“Fools” is a rhythmic, synth-dipped, deceptively penetrating excursion. Stuttering synths, and heavy-hitting drums booming amidst fluttering claps sharpen Pearson’s cutting lyrics and lift the humongous refrain. The energy subsides for a breakdown at 2:30, clearing room for a palpable fleeting feeling derived from Pearson’s repeated phrase “I know you’re here for now/ You know I’m here for now.” It elicits how enjoyable being in the moment can feel if you’re willing to acknowledge it won’t last forever and the elusiveness that can set in when you realize it’s easier said than done. Here’s what Bowden had to say about the song:

“Fools And Their Gold” speaks of someone denying the inevitable end of a relationship. They can’t — or won’t — let go, despite knowing that it’s not good for them.

Hear “Fools And Their Gold” below along with prior single “Pieces.”