Alice Bag – “Poisoned Seed”

Alice Bag – “Poisoned Seed”

Alice Bag has one of the world’s sickest resumes. She’s an educator, author of Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage To Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story, leader of the LA-based punk band the Bags, and pioneer of ’70s punk. Bag will release her debut solo album on Don Giovanni next month, and she premiered its single “Poisoned Seed” via Jezebel today. The song is an indictment of Monsanto, and Bag shared the following statement about it:

I initially wrote this song because I was concerned about the widespread use of herbicide-tolerant seeds, such as RoundUp Ready seeds… The patented seeds come with a contract which prohibits reclaimed seed planting and makes farmers (and by extension, consumers) dependent upon Monsanto for a large portion of our food.

When I first started writing “Poisoned Seed,” I thought I was going to be writing about actual seeds, but then I realized that what I was really upset about was a much bigger subject. I’m angry about the way the company does business. Its shady seed-policing tactics, the fact that it buys up and controls a huge portion of our food supply and that it’s an entity which appears to be driven by profit with little regard for social responsibility. So I see Monsanto itself as the poisoned seed.

Listen below.

Alice Bag is out 6/24 via Don Giovanni.

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