Die Antwoord – “Dazed & Confused”

Eccentric electro rap duo Die Antwoord have broken a two-year silence (musically, that is) following 2014’s Donker Mag with the announcement of their new mixtape, Suck On This, due next week. The first peek at the new tape is aptly called “Dazed & Confused” because that’s exactly how it may leave you feeling.

The song has an expectedly weird aesthetic with a slighty reggae-tinged rhythm cut by laser-gun synths and J Dilla’s signature siren drop. Yolandi barely audibly whispers, contrasting Ninja’s speedy, sputtering cadence as they alternate and play off of each other’s melodies. And of course it wouldn’t be a Die Antwoord song without plenty of uncomfortable drug and sex references laced throughout the beat. Listen.

Suck On This is out 5/19.

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