Charge It To The Game – “Bite Me” (Feat. Hemlock Ernst) (Stereogum Premiere)

Charge It To The Game – “Bite Me” (Feat. Hemlock Ernst) (Stereogum Premiere)

Charge It To The Game, a new project from rapper Fat Tony in collaboration with producer Kyle Mabson, is set to reveal their debut EP, Urban Hall Of Fame, later this month on Nathan Williams’ (Wavves) label Ghost Ramp. Today, we are premiering “Bite Me,” the EP’s first single, which features Sam Herring of Future Islands under his “Hemlock Ernst” alias. If “Bite Me,” with Mabson’s drum machine bass-snare beat backing Fat Tony’s aggressive vocal delivery and a synth-based autotune-filled chorus, is any indication of what the remainder of the EP will sound like, then we’re in for something good. Mabson told us a bit about the track:

I wanted to make this a real moody sexy industrial jam haha. Tony killed it of course. I wanted to get Sam on it cuz I really wanted to hear him do a fake Nate Dogg sounding chorus. We have known each other for years, I booked the first LA Future Islands show, but we had never worked on anything together so was good to slap out this BANGER

…as did Fat Tony:

This is the first song we recorded as Charge It To The Game. I walked into Kyle Mabson’s home with no lyrics prepared, not knowing what to expect, and just let this song flow out of me in an almost stream of conscious manner. Nothing was written down, all words were composed in my mind a few bars at a time, mostly recorded in one take. I mimicked Ma$e on the beginning of verse one, just to set the tone that I’m here to rap my ass off. I love this song because I get to touch on an array of topics such as getting a much needed refresh in Los Angeles after being stressed in Houston, Jim Crow era lynchings evolution into our present day penitentiary system, and a lover not knowing what to do with me when I begin to exhibit 50 Cent’s attitude in his landmark song “P.I.M.P.” I met Sam from Future Islands in 2011 at my Baltimore show when I toured with B L A C K I E. He really flexed on this feature, and I’m honored to have a fellow southerner on this song.

Check out “Bit Me” below.

Urban Hall Of Fame is out 6/3 via Ghost Ramp. Pre-order the cassette here.

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