Speedy Ortiz – “Emma O”

Speedy Ortiz – “Emma O”

Speedy Ortiz are set to drop a companion EP to one of last year’s best albums, Foil Deer. The four-track followup is titled Foiled Again. We’ve already heard half of it, and both “Death Note” and the Lazerbeak’s Lizzo-assisted remix of “Puffer” were excellent.

Today, the band took to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show to unveil “Emma O.” This song is stupid awesome. It’s a medium simmer with exquisitely intertwined guitar lines, textured drums, and Sadie Dupuis’ purely gorgeous vocal wafting nonchalantly above. I can see why these tracks weren’t included on the album, but they’re just as good. Listen.

The Foiled Again EP is out 6/3 via Carpark Records.

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