Apothek – “Reunion” (Stereogum Premiere)

Norwegian duo Apothek have only two singles to their name, but they seem quite comfortable in their sound. That’s not to say it’s boring or unengaging, because it’s stirring both aesthetically and lyrically, but it has a confidence that evades other artists early on.

“Reunion” is at first serene and challenging in its introspection, and even as it swells to include some more catchy elements, the music remains just as evocative. A low-end synth pattern and stuttered snaps are joined by another layer of shimmering synths and intricate drums, slowly building to a catchy moment. All the while, vocalist Morten Myklebust beautifully translates his existential musing, pulling back for a bit of humor on the hook: “The grand echo held its speech / In the radio silence / Hung around like an ex with keys.”

That lightening of mood gives the surrounding sections of reflection more potency through a wonderful incongruity. Apothek display a great temperament of mood and energy on this song. Here’s what Myklebust had to say about it: “It’s about trying to get where you have to go and reaching conclusions you are unable to reach, concluding or even understanding the relationships in your life.” Listen.

Here’s an awesome photo of the duo:

CREDIT: Anne Valeur

Apothek’s debut is out later this year via Propeller Records.

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