DJ Khaled – “For Free” (Feat. Drake)

Snapchat savant DJ Khaled has put his phone down long enough to make some music again. He’s touted “For Free” as the song of the summer, and it’s cool and breezy, so it’s the perfect sonic to unseat Desiigner’s “Panda.” He’s recruited Drake to rap over one of his chillest synth-dipped beats. Drizzy stirs the pot on his first verse, starting off in Cali spitting some Too $hort bars and then continues his weird frenemy relationship with Kendrick Lamar with the line, “And like your boy from Compton said/ You know this dick ain’t free.” Then it’s more Views-style laments about ungrateful women and trying to keep his life drama-free before DJ Khaled comes with some signature “they don’t want” ramblings as the beat fades. At this point I’d pretty much take anything over “Panda,” and this feels just about right for some windows-down cruising music. Listen.

Tags: DJ Khaled, Drake