Horseback – “Shape Of The One Thing”

Jenks Miller plays guitar in the very good Chapel Hill country-rock band Mount Moriah, and he’s also the man behind Horseback, a fascinating one-man kinda-metal project. On his records as Horseback, Miller weds drone-metal aesthetics to mythic Americana and bleary-eyed psychedelia, and it’s a potent combination. As Horseback, Miller has released a rarities collection and a full-length Locrian collaboration in recent years, but his last full-on Horseback album was Halfblood, which came out back in 2012. This summer, he’ll follow it up with the new double LP Dead Ringers. Its first single is “Shape Of The One Thing,” which builds on eerie John Carpenter keyboard-drones with windswept Ry Cooder-ish guitars. It sounds awesome. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Modern Pull”
02 “Shape Of The One Thing”
03 “A Bolt From Blue”
04 “The Cord Itself”
05 “Lion Killer”
06 “In Another Time, In And Out Of Form”
07 “Larkspur”
08 “Descended From The Crown”

Dead Ringers is out 8/12 on Relapse.

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