Jidenna – “Chief Don’t Run”

Jidenna – “Chief Don’t Run”

The classic man has returned with another chief-themed song for the upcoming Long Live The Chief called “Chief Don’t Run.” Jidenna switches things up a bit on this one to show he far he’s come, from “sleeping on the floor with the oven door open” and “sitting with the hookers in the motel hallway” to chilling “on a yacht with a prince in Dubai now.” He saves his signature Auto-Tuned crooning for a bridge and outro, using a Drake flow reminiscent of “Started From The Bottom” to put people on notice that he is indeed the chief, and he’s not running from anything. It’s good to hear a departure from Jidenna, because his other singles were good, but they sounded very similar. Until now there was no doubt about what his album would sound like, but this is sure to pique a bit of interest. Listen.

Long Live The Chief is out later this year.

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