Eros And The Eschaton – “Cry”

Eros And The Eschaton – “Cry”

Colorado-based quintet Eros And The Eschaton are gearing up to drop their sophomore full-length, Weight of Matter, out later this summer. It’s a guitar-heavy album inspired by Neil Young and Crazy Horse melting into tinges of the Walkmen-esque psychedelia. The latest taste is “Cry.” It’s driven by a deep guitar jangle and offset by light, gauzy harmonies about having good cry to purge yourself of pent up feelings. They sing “If your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye, It’s no secret you’ll feel better if you cry.” The different aesthetics of their inspirations are deftly blended for a highly rhythmic assault cut by its incongruous balance. Here’s what one of two founding members, Katie Perdoni, had to say about the song:

We’ve been on a kick of recording old, faithful tunes in a new way — this Casio-drum beat and guitar sludge is a fun-to-play re-imagining of a time-tested country standard.

Listen below.

Weight Of Matter is out 8/19 via Bar/None Records.

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