Raury & Jaden Smith – “Losing Your Mind”

Netflix’s Baz Lurhman-directed TV show, The Get Down, is set to start streaming tomorrow. Precocious young lads Raury and Jaden Smith have teamed up for a contribution to The Get Down OST which is also out tomorrow. “Losing Your Mind” is a highly danceable, ’70s funk-inflected jam that people probably would have done the hustle to back in the day. Raury and Smith both have verses on the track, but you can only hear the Atlanta wunderkind on the short preview after a quick call-in interview with Ebro on his Beats 1 radio show. Reviews haven’t been very favorable for the show, but at least the soundtrack is shaping up to be pretty good. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Listen to “Losing Your Mind” below at the 4:46 mark.

The Get Down and it’s accompanying OST are out 8/12.