Twist – “Bleached”

Twist – “Bleached”

Toronto outfit Twist are gearing up to drop their debut LP, Spectral, in a little less than two weeks. They’ve already shared the lead single “Can’t Wait,” and today they offer the followup “Bleached” via The Fader. It’s a dense, highly melodic, slow-galloping track with distortion and clamorous guitars balanced by Laura Hermiston’s floating vocals. Most of the album was developed in the apartment of Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt, and you can hear that homespun, garage feel unfurl into something bigger and more polished on “Bleached.” Listen.


01 “Pavement”
02 “Can’t Wait”
03 “Calendar Girls”
04 “Bleached”
05 “Soaked”
06 “Slums and Seaports”
07 “Keep You Under”
08 “Albuquerque”
09 “Sin Monster”
10 “Too Much Trouble”
11. “Where to Lie”

Tour dates:

08/17 Peterborough, ON @ The Garnet
08/18 Ottawa, ON @ Arboretum Music Festival w/ Dilly Dally
08/19 Montreal, QC @ La Grandè Terasse Rouge
08/20 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ OMNI
08/21 Manhattan, NY @ Mercury Lounge
08/24 Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club
08/25 Nashville, TN @ Glass Menage
08/28 Austin, TX @ Sidewinder
09/03 Seattle, WA @ Werewolf Vacation
09/04 Victoria, BC @ Copper Owl
09/08 Calgary, AB @ Broken City
09/09 Regina @ Vangellis
09/10 Winnipeg, MA @ Sherbrooke Street Festival
09/11 Minneapolis, MN @ Kitty Cat Klub
09/12 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
09/16 Toronto, ON @ Baby G

Spectral is out 8/26 via Buzz.

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