Stream Pill Convenience

Stream Pill Convenience

Brooklyn art-punk quartet Pill are set to drop their debut album, Convenience, tomorrow. They’ve already shared a third of the 12-track album, and each single has hinted at a comfort and audacity that belies this being their first full-length effort.

The first vocal sounds on Convenience are raspy ululations from Veronica Torres, but the album gets so engagingly far-flung from those initial chilling screams. Torres keeps the ear guessing with a deft mix of poetry, rants, laments, affirmations, daggers — all sharp and scathing — aimed at any and everyone who tries to limit her as a woman in any way, shape, or form. Sample perspicacity: “Which is true? Our word is truth among women. Our word is truth against myself. A story retold and refashioned: There is no resolution. Only revolution, in the collected memories of our bodies.” Sheesh.

Along with the myriad issues Torres tackles from numerous perspectives of political plight, the sonics accompany her every move, matching her dexterity. From the sultry sax of “Fetish Queen” and “My Rights” to the squelching distortion on “Sex With Santa” and the vibrant twang of “Speaking Up,” each soundscape swells underneath her to lift each mode of her voice to its maximum potency.

Pill don’t sound like rookies at all. Through Torres’ strength and conviction and the band’s fearless, exquisite arrangements to bolster them, this album soars. Listen.

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Convenience is out 8/19 via Mexican Summer. Pre-order/purchase it here.

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