This Guy On Catfish Thinks He’s Dating Katy Perry

So this guy is probably the biggest, fattest Catfish catfish of all time. Dude believed he’d been talking to Katy Perry online for six years and fell in love with her. His name is Spencer, and he’s from Tennessee. He started conversing with “Katy” on an app and trusted whoever the fuck made the account when he asked them to confirm that they were in fact pop star Katy Perry. Spencer even fell hard enough to make a ring of his dear Grandma’s emerald stone and a quarter of his life savings.

The hosts of the show, Nev and Max, got to work and discovered he was really chatting with a Canadian woman named Harriet (pictured below) who was living in London by finding the email account she used to make the fake profile on the app. Nev and Max generally keep good poker faces when dealing with gullible clowns on their show, but even they erupted with laughter when they discovered who made the account. Poor Spencer was too deep in love though and refused to believe that Harriet was the one he had been talking to for over half a decade because her Facebook page was completely different in tone than the “Katy” he had come to know.

When Spencer and Harriet met in person, she even laughed at him. And he again refused to believe that she was actually the person that made the fake account. It wasn’t until the next morning that things started to sink in, but even weeks after the taping of the confrontation, Harriet said he sent an email to “Katy” still believing that he was talking to the real Katy Perry. Finally after some more time sleuthing on his own, he came to accept the fact that he had never actually talked the real Perry.

If this episode was fake, Spencer needs to seriously pursue a career as an actor. Catch a clip from the episode below. Watch the full episode on if you have a cable subscription.