Proper Frank Ocean Album Out This Weekend But No Longer Titled Boys Don’t Cry

We’ve been waiting for four years since Channel Orange, and now it looks like we’re getting two Frank Ocean albums. Last night, Ocean shared Endless, his new “visual album,” and we’re still wrapping our brains around the reality that a new Frank album exists. But right now, we’re learning that this isn’t the real Frank Ocean album, that we’ll supposedly get another new Frank Ocean album before the weekend is over.

According to Rolling Stone, the new album will not be called Boys Don’t Cry. He’s apparently scrapped that title, and we haven’t yet learned what he’ll be calling the new album. But it’ll be different from Endless, which, according to Rolling Stone, is “a different project from his proper new album.” The as-yet-untitled proper new album will be coming out this weekend on Apple Music.

Of course, we heard something similar two weeks ago from The New York Times, and that didn’t happen, at least not right away. But we’ll still be compulsively checking our phones all weekend.

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