Stream Against Me! Shape Shift With Me

Back in 2014, Against Me! released the ferocious, triumphant Transgender Dysphoria Blues, one of the greatest rock albums of the past few years. That was the first album that the band released since frontwoman Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender, and its urgency was bracing. Next week, they’ll follow it up with a new album called Shape Shift With Me. It’s a less personal album, more of a full-band punk rock attack like the band’s earlier records. But while it won’t seize attention the way the last album did, it’s still an intense, fast, powerful album from one of our greatest punk rock bands. We’ve already posted the early tracks “333,” “Haunting, Haunted, Haunts,” and “Crash.” And right now, you can stream the entire album below, via NPR.

Shape Shift With Me is out 9/16 on the band’s own Total Treble label.

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