One Swan, Maybe- But Seven? Come On!

Best part of this interview with Grizzly Bear in Prefix Magazine:

PM: I didn’t realize Sufjan Stevens was Christian.
Grizzly Bear: Yeah, he’s a hyper-Christian. I really like his music a lot. He kept singing about “he” and “him,” and I thought he was gay at first. Then I found out he was talking about God.

It’s true: Sufjan is a total homoousian.

Grizzly Bear’s 2004 album, Horn of Plenty, is due for reissue and will be celebrated with a disc of remixes from people like Rusty Santos from Animal Collective and Solex. Below, a danceable remix from Simon Bookish.

Grizzly Bear – “Eavesdropping (Simon Bookish Remix)” (MP3 link expired)

Update: Grizzly Bear’s Droste writes to say “thanks” and also sends a link to a really cool video for “Deep Sea Diver.”

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