Stream Honnda Diamonds In The Microwave

Stream Honnda Diamonds In The Microwave

Like just about everything released by Orange Milk Records, there are a million weird similes that could be used to describe Honnda’s Diamonds In The Microwave. You could say that it’s like being in a nightclub made of melting candy and power tools. You could say it’s like being at a futuristic pep rally at a school for wayward mannequins. That said, you don’t need an onslaught of fetishy creative writing to tell you that this album isn’t like anything you’ve heard before.

Honnda’s sound has an upper layer of crazy samples and drum noises that play a large part in defining the album’s motif and sonic space. Endowing Diamonds In The Microwave with unbridled explosiveness, each elastic sound moves around its environment with adrenaline-inducing speed.

That said, for all of the erratic beats and in-your-face insanity that Honnda’s music packs, this album doesn’t lack in nuance. Pulling anything from cheerleaders to loudspeaker announcements, Honnda centers the movement of songs like “Box Outs and “Crowd Crush” around a number of surreal samples, contrasting the album’s foreignness and futurism with an eerie sense of familiarity.

Furthermore, the Brooklyn producer — real name Amnon Freidlin — holds down his album’s danceability with strong bass lines that combine with each element to form songs which, through of their experimental aspects, remain entirely cohesive and well-arched. Creating a space where balance and chaos co-exist, Honnda uses a “raw realm of production, composition, and sound design.” In this case the result is a densely and exuberantly forward-thinking album. Listen below.

Diamonds In The Microwave is out 9/21 on cassette via Orange Milk Records (pre-order here) and on vinyl through Attracted Vinyl (pre-order here). Honnda plays an album release show at The Glove in Brooklyn on 9/30.

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