Stream Springtime Carnivore Midnight Room

Stream Springtime Carnivore Midnight Room

Greta Morgan is asking a lot of questions on Springtime Carnivore’s sophomore album Midnight Room: “Calling to the dark, is anybody out there?” she ponders on “Face In The Moon.” “Can I ever, ever let you in? Can I ever let you close to me?” she asks on “Raised By Wolves.” Morgan reveals that this web of curiosity spun from a splintering breakup: “I feel like I was asking a lot of questions during the making of the record that I still don’t really have answers to, but at least some of the songs were exploring that territory.”

She does so via a brew of spectral vocals, shadowy piano riffs, wind chimes, wildflowers, and cattails. “Double Infinity” distinctly bears the influence of Beach House/Future Islands producer Chris Coady, which Morgan seems to draw from vocally. “Under The Spell” is a dismally pleasant track that mixes funk inflections with ’80s synth-pop to speak of love’s bewitching cliché: “All the black roses that grow in your heart/ I keep them like a calling card.” The album feels like an hour’s worth of lucid dreaming with images of crushed flowers and shimmering sea glass.

Morgan further explains her mystical vision for Midnight Room: “I wanted the whole thing to feel like you’re looking through a cobalt blue glass, and to get textures that almost feel like being able to see stars in the sky. I wanted it to have this very velvety midnight blue purity to the sound, and I feel like the synthesizers that we used and a lot of the guitar tones we used evoked that kind of visual texture.” The result of her efforts is a dignified and mystically verbose articulation of failed love. Stream the album in full below.

Midnight Room is out 10/7 via Autumn Tone Records. The album is available for deluxe pre-order here.

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