Warpaint – “New Song (Mike D Remix)”

Warpaint – “New Song (Mike D Remix)”

LA quartet Warpaint dropped their third album, Heads Up, a few weeks ago. One of the standout tracks was the synth-doused, irresistibly rhythmic lead single “New Song.” Today, it gets injected with even more bounce and transformed into a pop/hip-hop romp courtesy of the Beastie Boys’ Mike D. He slows the song down, repurposing the original vocals while giving room for the whomping bass, intricate drums, and stuttered synths room to swell underneath them. If you didn’t know the original was a rock song, you would never be able to tell from Mike D’s interpretation. Dude has Warpaint sounding like they could give Fifth Harmony a run for their money on the pop front. New song indeed. Check it out.

Heads Up is out now via Rough Trade.

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