Bossie – “A Lot Like Love”

Bossie – “A Lot Like Love”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Bossie inhabits a strange, amiable planet of ’80s synth pop and space rock in her latest single “A Lot Like Love.” Against Cure-esque guitar melodies, Anne Douris’ robotic vocals articulate, “When all you do is make connections/ And there’s no time to make sure you connect/ It looks like love from a distance/ And that’s good enough I guess.” The song finds Douris observing the impact that the digital era and a busy schedule have on romantic dreams. “A Lot Like Love” hesitantly doubts the authenticity of relationships and expresses the hopeful tension of “wanting to believe” that it’s real. Douris gave us further insight on the single:

“I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It’s something that I’ve been trying to suss out as I’ve been writing this record, which deals with my anxieties about relating to people. As of 2016, I’ve been using Facebook for ten (seriously, TEN) years, so it’s played a key role in every one of my adult friendships. I’ve been feeling weird about how it’s affected my ability to make contact with other humans.

I’ll hit “Like” here, send an “I miss youuuuuuu” there, just to feel like I’m still connecting to someone, even if I haven’t seen that person in years. I want to be optimistic and believe that we’re all more connected than ever — we can keep every friend we’ve ever made by typing in their name — but I also kind of feel lonelier than ever. I mean FB literally JUST sent me a notification letting me know I’d been friends with my own sister for nine years. That’s weird, right?”

Listen below.

Bossie’s debut full-length is expected in early 2017.

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