SOHN – “Conrad”

British-born, Vienna-based artist/producer SOHN is gearing up to drop Rennen, the followup his 2014 debut Tremors, early next year. SOHN is one of those dance guys that adds more rhythmic malleability to a reputedly mechanistic genre. If the early single “Signal” and today’s newest offering “Conrad” are any indication, then his sophomore effort will go even further down that groovy, fluid path.

On “Conrad” he sings of a dystopian present that rings hauntingly true the day before the election. Sample doom: “We’re lost civilians/ With the weight of millions/ We’re pawns of war/ Living in denial.” The smooth piano, and knocking drums are there to get you through though before a bevy of synths comes in to lift the urgency and carry the song to its fittingly abrupt conclusion. Check it out below.

Rennen is out 1/13 on 4AD. Pre-order it here.

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