Kweku Collins – “jump.i” Video

Illinois up-and-comer and Artist To Watch Kweku Collins released his excellent album Nat Love this past spring. Today, in tandem with the announcement that the album is now available on vinyl, comes his first song since the project. It’s called “jump.i,” and it builds from the fine bit of acoustic rap balladry of “Rain That Wouldn’t Save” from Nat Love into a simmering mix of trap and atmospheric synths with the young talent effortlessly sliding on the spectrum of singing and rapping. As for the visual accompaniment, we get to see the 19-year-old do things 19-year-olds do: skate, ride in the back of pickup trucks, party, flex with the homies, and just enjoy life. It’s a nice victory lap to celebrate a job well done on the album. Check it out below.

Nat Love is out 12/16 in physical format on Closed Sessions. Pre-order it here. It’s available digitally here.