Local Natives – “Ultralight Beam” (Kanye West Cover)

Local Natives know that we’ve all been ready for 2016 to be over, and they recognize Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo standout “Ultralight Beam” as one of the brightest beacons of light we’ve had musically this year. During a session with Spotify in July they covered the powerful gospel/rap hybrid, and today they’ve released the recording along with a live version of “Fountain Of Youth” from Sunlit Youth.

The LA indie outfit strip the minimal skeleton of the original down even further by removing the booming drums, replace ‘Ye’s wobbling synths with shimmering guitar, and add bare harmonies. They (thankfully) choose to not tackle Kelly Price’s part or anything beyond the first few bars of Chance The Rapper’s flawless verse. Check it out along with the live version of “Fountain Of Youth” below.